Kajah Brown Balm 2.5 Gm

Product Name : Kajah Brown Balm
Net Content : 2.5 Gm
Price : Rs. 5 plus courier charges, etc.


KAJAH BALM (BROWN) 1.5 Gm is available in tin (pouch packing). In the recent Survey done by Concert Group which was published in the Weekly magazine Dated 6th May 2012, NANAYA VEGADAN from the prestige’s  house of ANANDAVEGADAN a well renowned Publishing House in Tamilnadu rated KAJAHBALM BROWN as No 1 Balm in the Pain Balm segment and given 84.2 (as total waitage). All other Balms in the Market ( including the world famous Tiger Balm rated below than  KAJAH BALM . No Wonder the Consumer once used KAJAH PRODUCTS continue to use only KAJAH PRODUCT is quite evident. Though, KAJAH BALM rated as No 1 Balm the Consumer Price is much lower than the other brands available in the Market.

The Object of Rajah Company (Pain Balm Division) is committed to manufacture high quality pain balm range of products to cater to the needs of the general public at an affordable cost.