Kajah Instant Pain Relief Oil 5 ml

Product Name : Kajah Oil
Net Content : 5 ml
Price : Rs. 30 plus courier charges, etc.


KAJAH INSTANT PAIN RELIEF OIL and SPRAY is a very prestige’s product of RAJAH GROUP. Our 5 ml pack is the highest sale in the Oil segment. KAJAH OIL contains proven and time tested ingredient to offer quick relief from Headache, Cold, Nose Block, Cramps, Sprains and a perfect remedy for Knee  and joint pains. The consumer, also like the smell of KAJAH OIL, which is user friendly. KAJAH OIL is available in Roll-on form as well. And it is once again priced at an offered able cost.

What it Does ?
Ingredients like High Quality Menthol 25%, Karpura powder 6% (Camphor Powder), Eucalyptus Oil 5% Essential Oil 21% and Base QS will instantly relieves you from headache and body ache like smoothly wiping out something! It is not sticky and lets you feel as free as ever! Kajah Oil, the Best Pain Relief Oil.

Menthol: Is a good pain killer having counterirritant properties and local anesthetic properties.
Eucalyptus Oil: Effective against coughs, common cold, Sinus issues. Have antiseptic and antifungal qualities.
Direction for use: Can be used when ever needed. One of the best Instant joint Pain Relief Oil
Size: 5ml narrow neck bottle