Kajah Instant Pain Relief Spray


Product Name : Kajah Oil
Net Content : 35 Gms
Price : Rs. 90.00 plus courier charges, etc.


Kajah Supreme Instant Pain Relief Spray, The Best Pain Relief Spray In India, made from natural ingredients which are grown and processed by Rajah Group. Supreme Instant Pain Relief Spray is best for giving fast relief from muscle pain, joint pain, knee pain, pain from injuries etc. As this is is a spray it can be easily used without using hands. Directly spraying onto the effected and nearby areas right amount will give you relief from pain.

What it does?
The ingredients are Menthol ( Mentha Sativa)25% , Karpura Powder (Cinnamomum Camphor)5 % Nilgiri Oil (Eucalyptus globulus)5% and Base- QS Don't let any muscular pain affect your busy day! Use Kajah Supreme Oil which instantly relieves the pain and restore your happiness! The Best Instant Pain Relief Spray

The power of Menthol: Is a good pain killer having counter irritant properties and local anesthetic properties. Have antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
Camphor Powder: Helps in curing almost any type of inflammations, relief from cramps and spasm and a strong decongestant.
Eucalyptus oil: Effective against coughs, common cold, Sinus issues. Have antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities.
Direction for use: Can be used whenever needed.
Size: 35Gm (Spray)